Hurricane Preparedness for Boat Owners

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SYS International Yacht Sales wants to make sure all boaters are properly prepared in the event of a hurricane. Flooding, collisions, and extensive property damage can be the result during and after a storm. In addition to the below information, review the appropriate paperwork (hurricane coverage in your insurance policy, etc) to fully protect you and your investment.


From the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at University of Florida

Boater Prep for A Hurricane

The key to protecting your boat from hurricanes or any threatening severe weather is planning, preparation and timely action. If a boat causes damage during a natural disaster, the boat owner/operator may be held responsible. Normally the National Weather Service will issue a 24-hour warning; however, in some instances only a 12-hour warning will be given. Upon receiving this warning the boat owner/operator should immediately take precautionary measures to see that his/her boat is properly secured.

Each boat owner needs a plan unique to the type of boat, the local boating environment, the severe weather conditions and the characteristics of safe havens and/or plans for protection. The following preparation and precautionary suggestions are issued as guidelines to be used by the marine community. The following precautions and checklists are meant as guides only. It is stressed that following these guidelines does not necessarily exempt the owner/operator from being held responsible should his boat cause damage to another’s property; nor will acquisition of required safety equipment and following the suggested safety procedures necessarily assure that no damage will occur to the boat.

Read the entire handbook at: Boater Preparedness for Hurricanes

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