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From the very first days of development, Marlow knew that the Marlow Explorer would excel in every test applied from strength to performance to visual beauty. They knew that yachtsmen who demanded quality, performance and innovation would want to experience the Marlow Explorer. And there has been an immediate and growing demand for this superior yacht.

The first Marlow Explorer was a 65C and made her debut at the year 2001 Miami International Boat Show, to absolute rave revues. At each of the large boat shows since her debut, we have had overwhelming success and praise.

Since 2000, they have become one of the worlds most talked about and sought out yacht builders. Their models range from 53′ to 97′; which includes the Marlow Voyager 76; the Marlow Prowler 375 with a classic model, an open deck model and the Havana, a sassy, sleek and speedy express cruiser; the two Marlow tenders, the Sprite and the Gypsy.

We offer used Marlow yachts for sale worldwide, which are listed below. Use the search tools on your right to narrow your exploration.  Need Assistance? Contact our sales professionals, we look forward to helping you find the Marlow that is right for you!

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    Length  Type Of Boat Year Price (US$) Location
    85'  Marlow Explorer MOTORY...  2006  2,600,000   Not for Sale in US Waters
    80'  Marlow Explorer  2007  2,750,000   FL, USA
    78'  Marlow 78 Explorer 20...  2005  2,195,000   West Palm Beach, FL
    78'  Marlow Explorer  2005  1,950,000   Key Largo, FL
    78'  Marlow Explorer 78E  2006  2,350,000   Snead Island, FL
    78'  Marlow Explorer 78E  2005  2,099,000   Portland, ME
    72'  Marlow Explorer 72E  2007  2,300,000   Long Boat Key, FL
    70'  Marlow 70E CB  2008  2,100,000   West Palm Beach, FL
    70'  Marlow Explorer Piloth...  2008  2,495,000   Seattle, WA
    70'  Marlow Explorer 70E  2004  1,695,000   SC, USA
    70'  Marlow Explorer 70E  2004  1,295,000   Sarasota, FL
    70'  Marlow Explorer 70E-CB  2006  1,795,000   Snead Island, FL
    69' 3 "  Marlow EXPLORER 65E  2008  1,399,125   Spain
    69' 3 "  Marlow Explorer 65 E  2008  1,399,125   Roses, Spain
    69' 2 "  Marlow Explorer 61E  2009  1,287,195   Greece
    65'  Marlow Explorer 65C  2003  1,225,000   FORT LAUDERDALE, FL
    65'  Marlow Explorer 65C  2002  999,999   Gulfport, FL
    65'  Marlow Explorer 65C  2001  950,000   Snead Island, FL
    61'  Marlow Explorer 61E  2008  1,113,704   Split, Croatia
    53'  Marlow Explorer 53C  2007  1,395,000   West Palm Beach, FL
    42' 8 "  Mainship Marlow TRAWLE...  2007  200,355   TOSCANA, Italy
    37'  Marlow 37.5 Prowler Cl...  2006  219,000   Stuart, FL
  Items: 1 - 22 of 22 Page 1   

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